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Metacrafters is a web3 education platform where developers can Learn & Earn: earn rewards while learning, mentoring others, and upskilling towards a new career.

Empowering the builders of the metaverse. 

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FLOW PROOF is here: Learn Cadence for all levels

Beginner  •  Intermediate

Join your chain’s house and invest in skills you need to succeed. 

The Flowknight House has just released FLOW PROOF courses — where builders can learn Cadence and earn rewards as they advance through the Flow track.

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You can also take an assessment to verify your credentials and unlock our job board for blockchain devs

Earn real stablecoin rewards for completing or mentoring courses

Earn CRED (1 CRED = 1 USDC) for completing courses or helping other developers master blockchain skills.

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Looking for blockchain talent?

Check out our other courses: ETH PROOF for Solidity, SOL PROOF for Rust, POLY PROOF for Polygon, and JS PROOF for JavaScript.

Partner with Metacrafters to hire developers with proven web3 skills.

Save time in your interview process by using the Metacrafters assessments to evaluate the Solana or Solidity skills of your dev candidates.

Our performance-based assessments are graded by an experienced developers to evaluate blockchain talent and credentials.